Previous Projects

Previous Projects

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AmaLunch Box

One nutritious, well-prepared meal a day can make a vast difference in children’s educational development, especially those from disadvantaged schools who often face a long school day on an empty stomach. South Africa’s basic literacy and numeracy rates are arguably one of the most urgent long-term sustainability challenges facing our country’s future.

Sisters with Blisters

Every year, from 25 November to 10 December, the world turns its attention to the plight of abused women. Much is done during this brief time to raise awareness, expose this social tragedy and campaign for equality. “This will be the largest peaceful protest of its kind – a chance for men, women, children to come together, walk as one and make our collective voices heard. There is strength in numbers and with that strength comes power – the power to make a difference,”


JGC Gymnastics

Gymnastics equipment is very expensive and needs constant maintenance and regular replacement to keep our girls on an internationally competitive level. In 2016 we had to replace our floor as it had come to the end of its life-span.

A new gymnastics floor can cost upwards of R1.4m as it consists of very specific types of materials so we had to draw on all our marketing efforts in order to raise such a large amount. With the help of CauseWRX as well as some very generous corporate sponsors, we managed to replace our floor just in time to welcome in the new year. Our new floor should last a few years before it requires replacement, although please watch space for any other upcoming campaigns as we always appreciate and are in dire need of sponsorship.